FORMOSAT-2 for daily imaging of your areas of interest

Earth observation systems offer more or less broad coverage and ever-finer detail, but their revisit frequency is still limited for surveillance purposes.
FORMOSAT-2, the first and only high-resolution satellite with a daily revisit capability, overcomes this obstacle to provide a new response to your surveillance needs.

Daily monitoring capability

The ability to acquire repeat imagery of an area of interest every day with the same sensor, from the same angle and under the same lighting conditions
guarantees a timely flow of compatible data.

FORMOSAT-2’s very specific orbit means it can acquire any scene in its coverage area every day (geosynchronous orbit) under the same lighting
conditions (sun-synchronous orbit) and from the same angle. The satellite can also be tasked to cover a specific area and period of interest.

This combination of high resolution and daily revisits is unrivalled today in the civil high-resolution satellite market.

Unprecedented viewing features


Unlike other very-high-resolution satellites, FORMOSAT-2 guarantees the same viewing parameters every time, so you know how many images you will obtain and you can be sure they will register perfectly.

FORMOSAT-2’s local equator-crossing time is 9.30 a.m., where most optical satellites currently operating cross one hour later.
This slightly earlier time, combined with daily revisits, increases the chances of acquiring useful imagery in equatorial regions
where convective clouds form throughout the morning.