Al-Bait Al-Iraqi for Digital Maps is an Iraqi provider of Total Solutions, and all services related to geospatial data.

Bait of Maps Co. offers all types of satellite images, Remote Sensing software and services, GIS Software and applications, training and consultancy in both fields of Remote Sensing and GIS.

Bait of Maps Co. Supply total solution applications using Remote Sensing Services and GIS techniques.

Bait of Maps Co. is a company fully specialized in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and all projects related to (GIS) like Map Production, Geo Spatial Data base Building and Analysis, Remote Sensing ( RS ), Surveying , City Planning, etc.

Bait of Maps Co.  Established in August 2006 as a small privet Iraqi Co. in Baghdad the Capital of Iraq.

Bait of Maps Co. grew up soon and become a distinguished company through prosperous success in carrying out different projects in all parts of Iraq.

Bait of Maps Co. now is the unique Company specialized in RS and doing all the processing of satellite images for both mono and stereo.

Bait of Maps Co. has only achieved this status through the accomplishments of its professional staff and the support from its friend’s professional companies.

Bait of Maps Co. is managed in all its departments by a professional and well-trained staff to carry out work tasks in its field of specialization, capable of meeting the requirements of the company’s customers.

In just two years, Bait of Maps Co. was able to build relationships with major international companies in the field of specialization, the most important of which like Spot Image for satellite images (which became later under AIRBUS) and Intergraph Co for software and applications which became later under Hexagon.