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    Albait Al-Iraqi Co. For Engineering and Digital Maps


    Al-Bait Al-Iraqi is an Iraqi provider of technical solutions, and all services related to the geospatial data. We offer satellite images, software of remote sensing and GIS, consulting, applications and total solution using Remote Sensing Techniques and satellite image processing as well as GIS applications and Customization.

    It is a company fully specialized in Geographic Information Systems and all projects related to (GIS), Map Production, Data base systems, Remote Sensing ( RS ), Surveying , City Planning,

    In 1999 Albait  Al-Iraqi Started work as a specialized engineering bureau and as soon as it grew up and become a distinguished company through prosperous success in carrying out different projects in different parts of Iraq, it has only achieved this status through the accomplishments of its people and the support from its friend's professional companies.

    The team of professional and management staff comes from diverse academic and professional backgrounds including engineering, computer science, programming, and GIS.

    It could build up within seven years a strong relationship with International famous companies like Intergarph, Spot Image,  and Youna.


    Albait  Al-Iraqi aims to expand its scope of business in both horizontal and vertical directions, horizontally by expand its business within the region and nearby countries by signing contracts of mutual cooperation with Jordanian and Lebanese Companies, and vertically by establishing new scopes of work like City Planning and building 3D city modeling. 


    Albait  Al-Iraqi offers consulting and project development services in a number of GIS application areas. These include Using satellite Images, Map Production, Data Base Systems, Public Utility System (Water, Sewage, and Urban Planning),  The services offered include User Need’s Analysis.


    Albait  Al-Iraqi produced Data Base Systems called Albait  Package which include Account system, Salary, Personnel, Warehouses, Banks, Hotels, … etc.  


    Albait  Al-Iraqi provide all types of Satellite Images, GIS software centered on the Geomedia family of GIS software developed by Intergraph,


    Albait  Al-Iraqi provide all Surveying Devices, Level, Theodolite, Total Station and GPS.


    Albait  Al-Iraqi produce and provide all types of Maps: contour maps, topographic maps, thematic maps, ..etc.


    Albait Al-Iraqi establishes a new department specialized in City Planning. A Special team of Planners and consultants in deferent fields related to this job working in this department to plan, and develop master planning.


    Albait  Al-Iraqi has a professional surveying team, they have a very good CVs and certificates in the surveying work, Albait  Al-Iraqi not just implements surveying projects, it also produce the maps and making training to use new and developed surveying devices like total station and GPS.


    Al-Bait Al-Iraqi Relations

    Al-Bait Al-Iraqi, has got the reseller agreements of the main satellite images and software.

    • Distribution agreement of Intergraph, from 2008.
    • Distribution agreement of SPOT images which became then Astrium and finally Airbus Defense and Space. From 2007
    • Distribution agreement of PCI-Geomatica, from 2010
    • Distribution agreement of Digital Globe, from 2011
    • Distribution agreement of Vectuel 3D, from 2011

    Al-Bait Al-Iraqi’s vision

    Al-Bait Al-Iraqi’s focus is on developing our through the quality of the products and by continuing to train the our staff with the progress and development of software and technology to continue as a professional specialist company offering the best to its customers.



    Al-Bait Al-Iraqi’s Scope of Work

    Al-Bait Al-Iraqi established to work in the fields of Remote Sensing and GIS to produce all the type of Maps,

    • Remote Sensing, Satellite Images Provision and Processing
    • GIS Projects A 2 Z
    • Field Survey and Map Production and Updating
    • Urban Planning & Strategic Studies
    • Infrastructure Design and Analysis
    • Environmental Applications
    • Consultancy
    • Documenting Architect
    • Tracking System
    • Training



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