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Utility GIS Solutions

Utility GIS Solutions

Utilities providers face a unique challenge when designing an optimal operation. In addition to in-house workflow efficiencies, the utility offered is both a product and a service that requires continuous delivery to maintain customer satisfaction. Occurrences such as storms, accidents, and even sabotage can interrupt service to, in some instances, millions of customers. Utility GIS data management solutions from Intergraph, however, leverage superior utility mapping capabilities that allow your organization to create better outage management planning that is quick and cost-effective.

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    Leading utilities providers around the world trust Intergraph utility GIS solutions to deliver the best service possible to customers, while leveraging utility GIS data to create a profitable business model that promotes customer service and continued growth.

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    Just as a critical aspect of your organization is customer support, so is ours. Intergraph offers full support for all of our utility GIS products. If ever you have questions or concerns about our products, please contact us. For utility GIS sales inquiries, simply use our information request form.

Whether you are an electricity provider looking for better ways to increase response times to unexpected outages or you are a natural gas provider looking for ways to extend your service range, Intergraph's utility GIS solutions offer the comprehensive capabilities you need.

Electric. Enterprise resource planning and utility mapping go hand in hand for electricity providers. Utility GIS solutions from Intergraph offer you the ability to find the right balance between the dedicated resources that provide optimal day-to-day functionality and the capability to have "all hands on deck" for outage management situations.

Gas. As a gas utility provider, your organization is subject to a tremendous amount of accountability from regulatory bodies and customers alike. Utility GIS data management solutions, as well as other business application software from Intergraph, can present a comprehensive look at the integrated function of your organization as a whole. When our software solutions are used together, their complementary nature forms an even more powerful information management system.

Pipeline. Delivering natural gas across thousands of miles requires that a tremendous amount of attention be paid to utility GIS data. Undetected leaks in a remote location are lost profits for every second it takes a repair crew to arrive. An undetected leak in a populated area can be an emergency situation that puts lives at stake. Intergraph's utility GIS solutions strive to help pipeline providers maintain a safe and reliable infrastructure that leads to greater cost efficiencies and optimal customer satisfaction.

Water/Wastewater. Providing effective water/wastewater management carries not only utilitarian implications, but also health-related implications. With the potential for water-borne disease always a concern, water/wastewater facilities need to ensure proper functionality. Furthermore, they need to do it in a way that allows for an optimal profit margin. Utility GIS data and utility mapping software from Intergraph can help you do just that.

Whether your organization is using utility mapping to explore new and better service opportunities or has a need to better compile utility GIS data into meaningful processes and workflow models, you can gain the power to see a better way with utility GIS solutions from Intergraph.

Transportation GIS Solutions
Transportation is one of our core industries. As such, we encourage you to learn more about our full suite of transportation GIS tools to aid in your organization's continued planning, from improved transportation modeling to intelligent transportation visualization and beyond.

Transportation GIS Solutions