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Map the change in an area to anticipate future conditions, decide on a course of action, or to evaluate the results of an action or policy.

1. By mapping where and how things move over a period of time, you can gain insight into how they behave. For example, a meteorologist might study the paths of hurricanes to predict where and when they might occur in the future.

2. Map change to anticipate future needs. For example, a police chief might study how crime patterns change from month to month to help decide where officers should be assigned.

3. Map conditions before and after an action or event to see the impact. A retail analyst might map the change in store sales before and after a regional ad campaign to see where the ads were most effective.

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These images are from a poster titled "Losing Cape Cod," which is distributed by the Woods Hole Research Center in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. The poster shows the severe change in land use on Cape Cod since 1951. The image on the left shows the town of Barnstable in 1951 and the image on the right shows Barnstable in 1999.
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